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WayShop help publishers like you find relevant products to promote, track which transactions earn commissions, provide easy-to-interpret reporting, and most importantly, pay out your earnings on time each month. We rewards you with up to 65% commission on all qualifying sales made on our Marketplace.

The WayShop Affiliate Program is a worldwide program open to all affiliates who meet our acceptance requirements.

Nope, joining our affiliate program is absolutely free.

Earning potential is unlimited. If you have traffic on your website or on social media from people who need our products then telling them about the WayShop offers will get you sales and commissions.

You can request a payment when you have reached more than $30 CAD in commission. -- *You will need to provide your Paypal email address for payment. -- **NOTE: All commissions are received INSTANTLY by the affiliate, however, they are sent to the Wallet. Commission payouts to affiliates are delayed, generally for between 7 and 30 days. This is because the payment method does not make the funds immediately available, and it also helps us to prevent issues with fraud, have funds available for refunds and/or chargebacks that could occur, etc.

Our robust reporting provides insight into all possible information you’d like to track for your affiliate efforts. Discover which products are performing best, easily find and replace broken links.

WayShop Affiliate Program uses Cookies & Local Storage Both to track sales generated by your affiliate link. Our tracking cookie will remain valid for 90 days. Our cookies are encrypted, when the client presents the encrypted cookie to WayShop system, they decodes it using the Base64 encoding scheme, and decrypts it. The WayShop system then re-embeds the decrypted cookie in the HTTPS request to the server.

In the event that your referral gets a refund for the order, or if the order was canceled for any reason or was fraudulent, your commission amount for that particular transaction will be removed.

Affiliates who promote offers through the WayShop system are responsible for ALL refunds that are processed by the vendor for sales made through their affiliate link, regardless of "how long" it's been since the original purchase. When a vendor processes a refund through WayShop, the funds will be automatically deducted from the referring affiliate's account, for the amount that was paid to the affiliate.

Whether you are a traditional affiliate, blogger, vlogger, podcaster, influencer, or website owner looking to tap into new sources of revenue, WayShop is your solution.

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